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Pay Per Click


This mode of website promotion is direct in nature. Your website’s ad or link in text / image type appears on Search engines and or portals which attract large traffic of visitor everyday. Conceptually you pay for every click on your ad / link appearing on the advertising site’s URL.

Our team specializes in designing, running, optimizing and maintaining your Pay Per Click Campaign on most appropriate web resources. For example :- If you are an  carpet manufacturer, it is highly advisable for your ad / link to appear on


    Search engines - In case at search engines your ad appears under ‘sponsored links’ and is triggered every time a visitor searches for your product specific ‘keyword’ Eg: - carpet manufacturers India/USA could be a keyword which will trigger your ad on a search engine.


In a nutshell our highly learned and experienced team members work on their level best to work the right combination of your ‘Pay Per Click’ Campaign.

PPC Advertising Technical Process 


Identify list of a large number of key phrases for which the advertisements are to be displayed. Variations of these key phrases must also be considered. These key phrases are selected on the basis of their direct relevance to stated business objectives.


    The PPC Advertising program is setup with initial bids as per prevalent market rates. Strict budgets can be specified so as to control costs.


    Thereafter, clicks and ranks are monitored per key phrase and bids are managed at a key phrase level.


    Real-time reports are generated that allow analysis and campaign optimisation at a key phrase level.


    Monthly Campaign Review reports are generated to track the efficacy of the campaign and calculate the ROI.


Benefits of PPC:-


Higher search engine ranking.

Round the clock ads

Small initial investment. 

Realistic for all businesses, regardless of size.

Immediate results.

Real-time tracking.

Targeted traffic


We at Trade Link India help you in augmenting your business by utilizing its staff experience to increase your business to manifolds through PPC. We would help you to register your presence in the online world and also review the results of visibility on a time-to-time basis.


What we do for you:-


Account Setup

Keyword Research

Campaign Management

Ad Creation

Bid Management

Account Maintenance


We keep you updated with a monthly report showing stats of campaign, suggestions of new keywords, tracking your conversion, and much more.... We also analyze activity of your advertisement and the clicks on a regular basis, determining where visitors mushroom and which key words or phrases were most effective.


Tools we use:-


Google Analytics

Website optimiser

Keyword Tool

Traffic Estimator

Placement Tool

Contextual Targeting Tool

Ads Diagnostic Tool


Apart from this we communicate with our clients regularly helping us to understand their business and its needs to a greater extent resulting in reaching the actual customers and draw them to their business.